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2018 Annual General Meeting

The Edmonton Sport Council 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held Monday April 30th starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre in the Green and Gold Room (also known as Multipurpose Room #6). For more information, click here.

Community Investment Operating Grant Review

The City of Edmonton Community Investment Operating Grant (CIOG) provides operating assistance to Edmonton’s non-profit organizations, including recreation/amateur sport, whose activities result in benefits to the citizens of Edmonton. These grants enhance the existing programs and services of local sport organizations and enable them to expand their operations to include new participants. The 2018 CIOG program awarded funding to 121 sport groups in Edmonton. Read the full analysis here.

Gender Based Violence

The City of Edmonton's Gender-based Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative aims to reduce and ultimately end gender-based violence and sexual assault in Edmonton. As it does happen in sport in Edmonton, find out more here and consider initiating Respect in Sport within your sport.

LGBTQI2S Inclusion in Sport

Much of sport is organized by sex or gender; however, not every athlete fits into or identifies with the binary of male and female. Creating welcoming, inclusive teams for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-identified, queer, intersex and two spirited community and allies is new territory for many sport organizations. Go to LGBTQI2S for quality resources.

Quality Sport

Quality sport doesn't just happen, but occurs through intentional preparation. Sport New Zealand believes that quality sport, opportunities and experiences are vital to enrich and inspire the lives of young people by creating a lifelong love of sport. To this end, they have developed a great graphic of Young People's Quality Indicators. Sport for Life identifies that quality sport and physical activity are achieved when the right people do the right thing at the right time. Their ideas are presented in a Quality Sport Checklist.  Together, these two resources enable all organizations to advance quality sport. How's your organization doing?

New Sport for Life for All Newcomers to Canada Resource

The Sport for Life Society has published the Sport for Life for All Newcomers to Canada resource, through support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. Newcomers to Canada come with a unique inventory of sport and movement skills and, like all Canadians, require an individualized approach to enhance their own level of physical literacy through quality, stage-appropriate experiences. This resource is a guide developed for organizations, highlighting possible solutions to barriers and opportunities to support newcomers in sport and physical activity.

Automotive Insurance and Sport Organizations: Why you need to be informed

The Sport and Law Strategy Group has just released a very insightful blog regarding automobile insurance that  should be read by every sport volunteer, employee and board member. Find it @

What Does Next Generation LTAD Look Like?

Kaizen, the principle of continuous improvement, is a key factor of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). This webinar, presented by Sport for Life’s Dr. Colin Higgs and Dr. Paul Jurbala, provides a preview the next generation of LTAD: LTAD 3.0. Results from the Progress Tracker survey of national sport organizations, the latest research and over 10 years of Canadian and international implementation of LTAD all inform version 3.0 the next generation of LTAD. To view the presentation, enter anything in the registration fields.

Live Active: A Collaborative Strategy for Active Living, Active Recreation, and Sport in Edmonton 2016-2026

The Live Active Strategy was developed through extensive consultations over the past 2 years including representatives from active living, active recreation, sport and multi-sector organizations, and the general public. On Tuesday November 29, Edmonton City Council approved the Strategy. The Executive Summary is available here.

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