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Core Values:

In observance of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we recognize that physical activity should be:

  • accessible,
  • participant-centred,
  • equitable, and fair, with shared leadership and accountability, and
  • values-based.

Therefore, it is affirmed that:

  1. All Edmontonians have an equal right to access quality sport and active recreation activity environments.
  2. All Edmontonians involved in sport and active recreation are valued for their unique participation.
  3. Through sport and active recreation, all Edmontonians have access to resources and spaces.
  4. Edmonton’s sport and active recreation opportunities are participant centered.
  5. Edmontonians are supported to be involved in sport and active recreation through community connections.
  6. Sport and active recreation for Edmontonians reflects a collaborative culture and shared leadership among government, organizations, educational institutions and business.
  7. Sport and active recreation opportunities in Edmonton offer individuals environments of learning, respect, and tolerance.
  8. Sport and active recreation in Edmonton encourages the development of competence, confidence and motivation to be active for life.