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Vaccination Policies for Nonprofit Employers

IntegralOrg has developed a document which addresses from a legal perspective the most common questions asked by nonprofit employers about vaccinations, taking into account the employment and privacy implications of various vaccination policies. Click here to download the document. This webinar, held on June 16, 2021, provides legal perspectives on the occupational health and safety obligations of nonprofit employers in Alberta, Canada with regards to COVID-19 and the employment and privacy implications of various vaccination policies.

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations hosted a webinar that reviewed the legal and organizational perspectives of mandatory vaccination policies, medical exemptions and how to navigate potential challenges. Topics included the duty to accommodate, disclosure of vaccine status and privacy considerations, and how to implement a vaccine policy without creating division amongst staff.

Organization Governance
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Own The Podium has posted three resource documents: COVID-19 Return to High Performance Sport Framework, COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Sport - Appendix A, and Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool - Appendix B.