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Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program
Municipal Government
This grant program is intended to address an identified infrastructure gap in public facilities. As such, this grant will provide funding support that will encourage and stimulate capital activities of partners that extend beyond the City of Edmonton’s planned service levels in the provision of public use facilities.
Funding will support capital projects of the following types: Preserve (Capital Maintenance/Rehabilitation) Enhance (Expansion/Redevelopment) Build New (Construction of a New Facility) Project Planning
Projects eligible for other City of Edmonton’s Grants such as the Community League Infrastructure Grant and the Neighbourhood Park Development Program Grant will not be eligible for the Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program. Community Leagues are not eligible for this Grant Program.
Community non-profit organizations, other public sector service providers and the private sector with eligible partner projects, may apply for 50 percent for planning grants and to 33 percent for project funding (based on eligible costs). Multiple year funding will be considered for a period of up to three years. The minimum total project cost eligibility under this grant program is $200,000.
Early April.

Funding Organization

City of Edmonton
Not Identified