MEC Community Grants
This program supports organizations that can demonstrate their commitment to at least one, and preferably both, of the following areas: identify and reduce barriers to outdoor activity and increase the community of active outdoor enthusiasts; and/or teach responsible outdoor recreation practices and environmental stewardship.
Inspiring and enabling participation in outdoor and indoor activities or providing opportunities to try new activities and developing technical or safety skills, or planning, construction and maintenance of facilities or infrastructure such as trails, skills-parks or back country shelters. Outdoor environmental education programming to teach about areas of environmental importance. Deliver programming that will increase awareness about ecologically sensitive areas and how to recreate responsibly in them.
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March 28; September 4

Funding Organization

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Active Recreation - Outdoor, Canoe / Kayak, Climbing, Cycling - mountain, Cycling - road, Skiing - cross-country (Nordic), Yoga
Male, Female
Not Identified