Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP)
The goal of SCiP is to create a wide variety of significant internship experiences that allow students to set themselves up for successful careers and help nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations access a new pool of very talented and skilled individuals.
The Serving Communities Internship Program, or SCiP, will be run in collaboration with Volunteer Alberta, who has the necessary reach into Alberta’s voluntary sector, and will work with nonprofit/voluntary organizations to build their human resource capacity. Volunteer Alberta will mentor these organizations to create internships meaningful to both the student and the sector.
SCiP is open to post-secondary students enrolled in any certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate or PhD program at one of Alberta’s 26 publicly funded post-secondary institutions.
See the SCiP website
Students will get a $1,000 bursary for completing an internship with one of the province’s nonprofit/voluntary organizations.

Funding Organization

Volunteer Alberta (SCiP)
Not Identified