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The Edmonton Sport Council advances active living, active recreation and sport for all Edmontonians by collaborating with partners.

Front Page News

Retirement of Executive Director

On behalf of the Edmonton Sport Council's (ESC) Board of Directors, I wish to announce the retirement of our Executive Director, Gary Shelton, effective June 12, 2023. The ESC's founding Executive Director, Gary established himself and the ESC over the last 25 years as a leader in sport and active recreation. Throughout his career, Gary believed in being involved at and succeeded in placing the ESC at tables which had the potential to impact the sector directly and indirectly. Of notability, under his leadership, the ESC preserved and expanded charitable gaming (casino) eligibility and use of proceeds in Alberta, was involved in the development of sport strategies at municipal, provincial and national levels, and explored with the Director General of the Canada Revenue Agency and other experts how sport might become charitable. At the same time, under his leadership the ESC continued to provide valuable, reliable information and resources to the sector. For the Board, Gary recognized that volunteering our time came after our families and work commitments, and thus strived to make it easy for us by providing information and resources in a timely manner so that we could advance good governance.

James Rosnau, Chairperson, Board of Directors

New ESC Board of Directors

The Edmonton Sport Council April 24th Annual General Meeting elected seven new Directors and re-elected one Director to join three returning Directors. Click here for the list of Directors and their biographies.

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

Explore grants with later deadlines here.

Jumpstart State of Sport Report

This is the third State of Sport report informed by an annual cross-Canada survey used to assess both the tangible and intangible pandemic and post-pandemic impacts on families and sport organizations. This year we see renewed signs of hope that a rebound is underway and the road to pre-COVID programming levels is shorter than was feared in our previous surveys. Still, in this year’s report another concerning issue has come to the forefront: rising costs threatening access to sport.

EDI Practitioner Tip Sheet: Avoiding EDI Policy Mistakes in Sport 

Many existing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) policies reinforce and justify (often unintentionally) exclusion and inequity. Check out this EDI Tip Sheet and more resources here.

Understanding: Start the Journey!

Prior to undertaking addressing the issue of under-represented populations in sport and active recreation, organizations should understand how the status quo came to be, mistakes and successes of others, and paths to success. These important matters are explored by the Inmotion Network in four one-hour webinars (the first two webinars and slides are now posted). Then, check out other great resources.

Alberta Non-profit Learning Centre

The Alberta non-profit learning centre provides resources on important concepts in governance of non-profits to support their role in the delivery of their programs and services in their communities.

These learning resources are intended to:

  • empower non-profits, their board members and volunteers through training
  • provide educational and training support in governance of non-profits
  • make it easier to find and access various types of resources that meet the specific needs of individual learners

Engaging Under-Represented Populations

It's important that sport and recreation organisations reflect the diversity of the communities in which they operate, and have practices in place to help them achieve their inclusion goals. The Sport Council website has several new pages with information and resources to support organizations in engaging under-represented populations including Edmontonians with disabilitiesgirls and womennewcomers, and indigenous and LGBTQI2S+ Edmontonians.

Links to the KidSport Calgary and KidSport Edmonton Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Discussion Series video recordings and resources can be found here.

Our strategic planning resource page will also assist you in integrating your engagement with these populations within your overall operating plan.

Live Active Stories of Edmontonians

Check out amazing Live Active stories, and if you are interested, share your Live Active story, especially if it is FREE or low cost, involves family members, is quick and easy, and can be done in a variety of locations. Send us your submission (up to 500 words) with a picture or link to your Live Active experience video.

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