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Edmontonians finding ways to be active every day in every season beginning at home, in their community, at work and school, and at play. That's the core of Live Active!



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The Live Active strategy aims to enhance Edmonton’s reputation as a desirable city for people to live, work and play, by ensuring that all residents are empowered to make positive, active life choices. It is built on the knowledge that active living improves individual well-being, which, in turn, positively impacts their families, neighbourhoods and communities.


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To live active a little more each day can begin in simple ways, at no or low cost, in ways that are quick and easy at a variety of locations by yourself, with family, or with friends. Opportunities include walking or riding a bike a little more, taking the stairs a little more at home and work, enjoying a day of gardening, or playing at the neighbourhood park. For others, it may involve deliberately working out, or finding a new active recreation or sport activity,


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Living active is possible in all seasons, yes even in winter! As you discover ways to be a little more active, remember that your way is unique to you. So, live active a little more each day by exploring the many ideas and resources we've identified for you.

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Discover ways your family can stay active at home, in your neighbourhood, and other locations which enable social distancing through the resources we've assembled. As you begin, remember that adaptation is possible!



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More than 800 organizations provide active recreation and sport opportunities in Edmonton. Connect to activities that interest you through our searchable database - but know when registration occurs, or find a space in which to be active!

Strapped for cash? Explore assistance initiatives for qualifying Edmontonians and/or check out the 97 ways to Live Active! Also, consider checking out the many opportunties through our Live Active partners.

Looking for ways to make your programming more inclusive? EverybodyMoves Hub is a place for front-line staff, programmers, trainers, coaches and organizational leaders to find practical, useful resources and examples on how to make physical activity more inclusive for more of the community.


Living Active in Edmonton

Explore how other Edmontonians are Living Active and the difference it makes to their lives. When the time is right, send us your story (up to 500 words and/or a video and a photo) for sharing with other Edmontonians.

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Discover more about the Live Active Strategy.