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From a young age sport has been a part of my daily life. As a youth much of my time was spent playing soccer or running along the beach in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in East Africa. I continued to play and coach high-level soccer during my University years in South Africa and into my adulthood. Following university, I also started to dabble in long distance road cycling.

Moving to Canada during the winter months and in the midst of the pandemic required me to get creative and find new ways to stay active. Living in Edmonton has allowed me to try several new activities that either do not exist or are accessible to very few back where I am from such as snowboarding, ice skating, and golfing.

Snowboarding in freezing temperatures with layers of clothing and a long board attached to my feet was an exhilarating experience. It is an activity that worked my whole body especially my core and leg muscles which was a unique challenge to someone that’s always been used to exercising and playing sports in hot tropical weather.

The hot summer months have led me to taking up golf as a new activity to keep me outdoors in the long sunny days. If not cycling in the trails along the river valley, I can be found on long walks or runs or venturing to one of the many lakes or lagoons that surround the city. I am passionate about combining my photography with staying active and exploring this beautiful city and can usually be found zooming around the River Valley trails on my road bike with a camera bag in tow.

I aim to provoke the spirit of exploration through the photos I take while adventuring. Through my willingness to try new activities I hope to encourage others to start their own active living journey in a way that is meaningful.