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I feel so fortunate that I grew up on Ktunaxa territory in the Rocky Mountains. This meant we had four seasons of sport and access to so many outdoor recreational activities. My mom was really active and was a great role model for me. I had the opportunity to develop movement skills in all different environments and then as I got into my later  teens I found running and biking as outlets where I could just be free.

I still seek that space and find so much solace in going for a run or a bike ride. After a multisport childhood, I got into triathlon in my late teens and settled into that as my main sport for the next decade or so. Life took me away from triathlon for a few years but in 2019 I circled back to this sport that had been such a huge part of my life and provides me a goal each year.

I spent a lot of my career working in sport and recreation and it is such an important part of my life. In my career, I worked hard on inclusion so we build better sport and physical activity systems and structures that include each person in the ways they want to be involved. Our company, INclusion INcorporated, is focused on how each person feels like they belong in the spaces and places where they are.

More than anything, I am active so I can be active with my little human. My daughter is 10 and I am raising her as a multisport athlete but hockey is definitely stealing her heart. We spend time hiking, biking, skiing, skating, walking, climbing and playing together. Recently we got a new puppy to join us on our outdoor adventures together.

My live active story is about being fit, healthy and able to take on whatever adventures come my way! I am grateful for my strong body and to have the physical literacy to take part in so many incredible activities.