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I believe movement is medicine! It has a positive impact physically, mentally and socially. As a Registered Massage Therapist, I stay active for the health of it.

It’s instilled into me that physical activity is not a chore, but rather a gift. After making it to the top of the Royal Glenora stairs I feel winded - I’m grateful for healthy lungs. After ice skating at Victoria Park I feel my heart race - I’m grateful for a strong heart.

This year has looked a little different due to COVID. I'd encourage exercise enthusiasts to support local when possible. During restrictions and closures, this could come in the form of renting out equipment from sport clubs and gyms. You can reach out to your yoga/spin/boxing/personal trainer and sign up for their virtual classes. Simply showing them your support online can make a difference.

Over the past month there has been a #yegsquatchallenge

During a time that may feel isolating, participating has instead been a way to feel connected. This motivating community was striving towards the same goal of collectively reaching millions of body weight squats.

Once it’s safe to do so, I would love to join a recreational sport team and to start volunteer dog walking. For now, I will continue to get creative and enjoy the outdoors. I will be open to trying new things such as Edmonton's new ice climbing wall. (@yegaccicewall) This city has so much to offer and I know I'm just getting started!