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Movement is medicine! I believe that sometimes all it takes is MOVEMENT to boost your mood! 

Prior to COVID-19, my schedule was filled with group activities. After work, friends and family members would find me getting active! From teaching fitness classes, to volunteering at a yoga studio, joining dance groups, playing team sports, or just going to the gym! 

When life took a pause due to COVID-19, I spent more time focusing on myself and making connections in new ways. Gyms were closed and team sports were cancelled. I knew the key to surviving the pandemic would be to find new ways to stay connected, motivated, and move! 

I made a conscious effort to walk or bike! Playfitt and ParticipACTION were two apps I used to challenge myself and others in getting active. The more active you were with Playfitt, the more points you could earn for gift cards to places like Starbucks, Freshii, or Lululemon. Additionally, ParticipACTION provided chances to earn prizes, how-to videos on fitness, unique exercise ideas, and useful articles on physical activity and mental health. 

I started running!  Running was always a mental challenge for me, and I would usually avoid it mostly because it felt uncomfortable. When I finally gave it a chance, I was surprised how easy it was to progress. I quickly found ways to stay motivated, first, by trying to keep up with friends or family members. Second, it was extremely fascinating to track the pace and distance of my runs by utilizing the Strava app. I strived to improve over time and achieve new personal records. The app made it easy to stay connected and I felt encouraged by other runners too. 

I also joined Meetups to connect with other like-minded individuals. Hiking and tennis were two groups I joined that got my heart rate up and had socially distanced protocols in place!  There are tons of Meetup dates and times all across the city. It is a great way to connect with people who have the same interests! 

Hope some of these apps get you inspired, and that finding new ways to move will help boost your mood!