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Being active is just how I have always lived my life. Growing up, the youngest of 3 and the only girl, sports were a way to connect with my siblings and as family. We were lucky to have a community outdoor rink supported by volunteers (including my dad) and I can remember always wanting to go with my brothers down to that park to skate and eventually play hockey. Hockey is actually the reason I’m with my husband and partner of 15 years. Our first dates were playing shinny at a local outdoor rink. During the pandemic we have both missed our regular league play but skating on outdoor rinks and the Victoria Park IceWay has been a great way to stay active and enjoy one of our favorite activities.

Winter is actually my favorite season because not only does it bring outdoor rink season but it also means the return of snow - and that means ski and snowboard season. Ready for early skiing in 2020, we started the season at Lake Louise Ski Resort and have tried to get out for as many weekends as possible. Being outside and in the mountains not only keeps me active but also helps reduce stress and makes me feel invigorated for the week ahead. I am looking forward to summer as I know I will be back on my mountain bike riding through the trails and heading to local patios!

There is one thing that stays constant throughout the entire year, no matter the rain, snow, sun or clouds. I am always walking and running in the river valley with my constant companion, Bruce Wayne (the dog). Bruce and I log well over 100km each week as he helps me train for summer race weather and upcoming hiking trips. I love how excited he gets for each and every walk and it motivates me to move everyday no matter what! Fun fact, Bruce Wayne is not only committed to being active but he is also part of the Edmonton top 40 dog class of 2021!