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My two dogs and I share a love of long walks and enjoying the outdoors. I love going for walks with my pups around my neighbourhood, and it's an extra bonus to get to interact with my neighbours and see friendly faces who are frequent walkers as well. I find it's easier to stay motivated and be active when I choose activities that I truly am energized by and then it doesn't feel like a chore. Fortunately, if I am feeling less motivated one day, I've got two enthusiastic pups who need to wear off some energy with some exercise and they keep me moving. The great thing about Edmonton is that we have so many wonderful parks and paths for walking, so there's always new places to explore.     

Walks with my dogs isn't the only way I enjoy staying active. Staying active can take so many forms and that's certainly the case for me. As a runner, some days that means I'm running 5+ km outdoors or on a treadmill. Some days that means I'm heading to the ski hill with my family. Other days that means fitting in an extra stretch while I'm picking up kids toys off the floor, because that's all my mind and body are up for that day - and that's great. I try to listen to my body, do what feels right, and prioritize my wellness. 

Like so many Edmontonians, our life and work can be hectic and challenging at the best of times, and now especially during COVID-19. Lately, I've found myself getting more creative with my activity. One time I even met up with a few residents for a bike ride meeting instead of a conventional office meeting, and it was really great to connect this way. 

The important thing I like to remember when it comes to staying active is that prioritizing my health and wellness ultimately helps me show up as my better self in all the other areas of my life. When I get super busy, I remind myself that staying active doesn't always equate to exercise in the conventional sense or through one defined activity. My wellness and activity can look different every day and that's okay.