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2020 has definitely been the year of creativity and change. Just as the pandemic hit, I had a set workout routine of three days of weights and two days of high intensity cardio at my school’s gym. When everything went online I got creative and used my agility ladder and free weights at home to train on the same schedule. This was a time of trial and error to see what produced the results I was looking for. Then my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child and my workout routine had to yet again change. I began to move to light weights with an outdoor power walk to the park with my daughter, which was 25 minutes one-way.

When I began my new semester, I used the gym three days a week there to continue my light weights and power walk on the elliptical. Finally, as winter hit and COVID cases began rising, we decided I should stay home from school so I had to change my workout schedule yet again. As not all the sidewalks are properly shoveled in my neighborhood, I find it hard to power walk safely while pregnant. To adjust, I’ve made a schedule of an early morning power walk around the island in my house with other various movements plus light weights and stretching every day.

As our family is beginning to grow and this pandemic continues, I’ve come to embrace change and take creativity as a challenge. Once our second child is born, I look forward to getting back into high intensity workouts but for now I’m lucky enough to be at home to show my daughter how much fun it is to workout in crazy and fun ways.