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About a 100 runners of all ages and backgrounds turned out on a brisk evening in early March to support the Secret 3k - a volunteer event inspired by the story of the first marathon ever to be held in Afghanistan, and the women and men who courageously participated in this race to promote gender equality and the universal right to be free to run. The event was held in coordination with 9 other cities across Canada, including Ottawa, Kingston, Victoria, Vancouver, Peterborough, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary, and many more world wide. Event organizers estimate that over 2,600 runners in total participated in the event globally. 

The ability to put on a pair of running shoes and go for a walk or run is an everyday occurrence for most of us, but it’s not a reality for a lot of people in Afghanistan. Even here in Edmonton, women or men may not feel safe to walk at night in their community. This event celebrates every person’s right and freedom to safety and to run, as well as a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community to educate and empower through the sport of running. The Secret 3k is also a powerful reminder that we must continually strive and work towards real changes that will ensure the world is a safer and more inclusive place - in terms of athletics and beyond. 

As a longtime Edmonton resident, I am personally very proud to live in a city that supports #LiveActiveYEG for citizens from all backgrounds and walks of life!