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Spending time in the outdoors and being active is something that I have done my entire life! I grew up doing many different outdoor activities with my family members, and still do all of the same activities to this day. It’s fun, and good for you too, to be active, and it’s even more fun when you’re being active outdoors!

In Canada the weather changes dramatically throughout the year, and luckily there are all sorts of different types of activities that I enjoy doing during all of the seasons! Hiking is one of my favourite outdoor activities that I do all year round! I love wandering along a trail surrounded by forest, and stopping to enjoy the beautiful views! A long rugged trail is always a great challenge, but short easy trails are really nice too. I’m a photographer, so hiking is a perfect activity that I can do and bring my camera along too. Another great thing about hiking is that it is a very affordable activity! All you need is a good pair of shoes, some supplies for the hike, a day pass if you are visiting a park where you must pay, and you’re all good to go!

Biking is something that I have always loved! A few years ago though I started getting into a different type of biking. Long distance biking! After only riding a little over 15km in one day ever before, in 2018 I did my first ‘long’ ride, at almost 40km! I had so much fun, and it felt so good to accomplish that distance by bike, that I went right out the next day and did another over 40km ride! Since then I have continued to ride further and further distances and I just love it! The longest one day ride I have done so far was 100km. In the near future I hope to complete my first century ride (160km in one day) and I am also looking forward to my first overnight bikepacking trip!

Canoeing is another outdoor activity that I enjoy, but one that I only started getting into several years ago. I love the peacefulness of paddling and it’s so amazing all of the new places you can explore that are only accessible by canoe! I actually won a canoe in a giveaway contest last fall, and I am really looking forward to getting it out on the water soon!

My favourite winter activity is cross country skiing! It’s so nice to glide along trails through beautiful snow covered trees and landscapes. It’s a great full body workout too! With skiing, you can go to ski clubs with properly groomed trails, or you can go out to the woods somewhere and create your own trails through the deep fluffy snow! I really enjoy sharing my outdoor activities and adventures with others, through photos, video, and written word, and I hope that I inspire others to get out there and go on their own adventures as well!