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I grew up with a one-track mind, physical activity. Habitually, I played and preferred team sports. I’ve always enjoyed the socialization, friendships and supports I found developed naturally. My passion for physical activity continued into University where I was a member of the MacEwan Women’s Soccer team and completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology – Adapted Physical Activity at the University of Alberta. Through my undergraduate studies I developed a passion for inclusive physical activity and recreation.

After graduating university, I accepted a job with my practicum agency Paralympic Sports Association (PSA), who provide inclusive sport and recreation opportunities to people in YEG. Through my position with PSA and the programs we run, I have become increasingly aware of the recreational opportunities uniquely available to us within the City of Edmonton. I am so appreciative to have a job that supports me in remaining active and shares the same values in regards to the importance and benefits of physical activity for all.

As team sports became restricted I opted to kayak, cycle, walk, and golf throughout the summer months. With winter's arrival and increasing restrictions, I have continued to pursue outdoor recreation. I snowshoe, skate on the outdoor rinks and IceWays, and walk our newest addition to the household, Fionn. When gyms and fitness centres closed, a fellow MacEwan alumni and personal trainer started running group Zoom workouts to provide a safe space for being active and socializing with our former teammates and friends. While it certainly isn’t easy, I believe staying active throughout COVID has been, and continues to be, instrumental in maintaining my overall health and well-being.

The pandemic encouraged me to expand how I recreate and stay active through the multitude of different activities available in and around the City, from trails and equipment to organizations and people who are passionate about physical activity that enable and encourage participation for all. I’m grateful to be able to try new things and provide similar opportunities for others to be active this year through safe recreation in YEG. Whether it’s 20 minutes or two hours, there is something for everyone. Stay active, stay well!