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Yoga has been a fundamental building block in my life, and has given me many tools to navigate the difficulties of a global pandemic. Instead of resisting our emotions and experiences, yoga offers us a chance to face whatever is weighing us down and integrate our emotions and experiences as they arise through movement.

Becoming a yoga teacher has helped me to share yoga as a powerful tool to combat self-criticism, frustration, ego and other internal experiences many of us face. You don't have to look or feel a certain way in order to show up on your mat and connect with your body! And of course, the physical benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, increased strength and reduced potential for injury. I have begun to introduce a lot more calisthenics and mobility work into my classes, which has practical benefits for a lot of us working from home!

My home base for teaching is at Om Hot Yoga on 124th Street. We have safety precautions in place and limited class sizes for those who want to do some yoga in a hot room! If you are more comfortable attending from home, all classes are streamed over Zoom. We are a safe and inclusive space with lots of reasonable pricing options. I would love to have you attend my class virtually or in person Saturdays at 2 pm!