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I love trying new ways to move my body, finding new areas to explore, and creating connections through these activities. I’ve spent the last 6 years in university studying the human body, and I continue to be amazed each day at how darn amazing bodies are – especially with all our little differences. I’m passionate about physical activity for myself, as well as supporting opportunities for others to find ways be active in ways that work for their bodies! This year was challenging in so many ways, and I’ve leaned on physical activity more than ever to support my physical and mental health. I wanted to share 3 of my favourite ways to move for my live active story.

Running: This year I’ve fallen in love with the river valley trails and the smiling faces I see along the way. Though we can’t run together right now, I still feel a sense of community out there as I wave across the street to a fellow Edmontonian running by. I’m extra appreciative of these little moments of connection. I also love a good challenge to keep myself motivated. I’m currently on a mission to run every single day for 100 days – setting goals and people to keep me accountable has helped me to stick to it! I’ve learned that I don’t have to be a “runner” to get out – some days I honestly strap on my shoes, turn on my tracking watch, and run for a total of 0.9 minutes. But even that can feel so good and is so worth celebrating!

Climbing Rock: Climbing is hands down my favourite way to stay active. It challenges both my body and mind, and is that one thing that always seems to recharge me. Climbing may seem intimidating at first, but I encourage you to give it a try, it may surprise you (like it did me)!

Play: Whip out that old toboggan! Turn left, where you always turn right! Try something new like snowshoeing! Go puddle jumping! Ultimately, physical activity for me is all about enjoyment and being playful with my body. Getting outside in an unstructured way is another favourite for me to move. Some of my favourite active days have been grabbing my hiking boots and a picnic, driving out to somewhere I’ve never been and seeing where the day takes me. Pro tip: bring along kiddos, puppies and other loved ones for an added little core workout of giggling along the way.

I hope you enjoy getting out in our beautiful city, find a way of moving that sparks a little joy and that you celebrate how remarkable you are!