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Skating has always been a big part of my life. I’m a professional figure skater and I spend most of my time on the ice, but this past year, I took part in one of Edmonton’s most popular winter activities: outdoor skating.

The journey of finding outdoor places to skate started with building a rink in my own backyard. It was small, but so lovely to skate on a little private rink! After that, I enjoyed exploring a few of the many outdoor rinks the City of Edmonton provide.

There is one thing in particular that makes outdoor skating in Edmonton so special - the stunning sunrises and sunsets that can be seen all winter! When I see the beginning of a beautiful sunset, that is what gives me motivation to get outside and go skating, or to grab a family member and go for a walk or a run. Every moment spent outside under a sunrise or sunset is a moment to truly appreciate.

Now that temperatures are rising, and spring is around the corner, I look forward to experiencing new summer activities in Edmonton!