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Sports have always been a part of my life, so being active has no doubt become a lifestyle. After playing college basketball for four years, I had to find new ways to keep myself active and quench that competitive thirst. I started to run more because it serves as a mental escape and a perfect way to stay healthy. I started my training with @runningroom for my first half marathon back in 2018 and repeated it the following year. I have found running to be the best way for me to stay competitive as I would set a new goal each year.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, there were no races and no training clubs last summer. Rather than my goal of beating last year’s time, my goal became to continue to run over the winter. It’s amazing what some warm leggings can do! Other ways I like to stay active during these times are home workouts, yoga, skating, and walks with my puppy, Zoe! She is still too young for runs, but I’m hoping by the summer she will get to tag along.

I will always advocate for physical activity and its capacity to create and maintain a healthy body and mind. I am down to start a virtual running club if anyone wants to exchange some motivation!