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We have heard that activity is good for the soul, and I find walking to be the easiest for me. Nobody said leisurely walks have to be boring though. I've always loved nature but maybe the pandemic further reminded me of the beauty of the environment. Edmonton offers a fair share of rich green spaces, river valley trails, and parks that makes a visit to the city incredibly memorable. I love how the natural environment breathes energy into me but what I adore even more is how we get to enjoy these serene spots as a family.

We have a close circle of families in Edmonton who share social connection. The love for the outdoors has strengthened our friendship and further deepened during these leisurely walks.

This is how we maintain an active lifestyle - either by foraging through the Flower Maze, the Botanic Garden, or through the primeval paths of the Jurassic Forest. This is how we clock in our target steps.

I can't tell you how much time you need to spend outdoors; that will surely depend on your activity goals. Our strategy is to find a place to go every weekend, weather and social distance permitting. The City is yours, walk it!