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Being active was never a thing in my life since I had my daughter. I always thought that I should devote all my time to her and therefore never made time for myself. It’s about 7 years ago when she told me that she wanted mommy to stay healthy forever, which was really a wake-up call for me, and I started to recall how active I was before I had her. With “wanting mommy to stay healthy forever” in mind, I hired a personal trainer and focused on strength training. It was not easy, but what really motivated me is the voice of this little girl. I started to train hard and pushed myself harder. Gradually, exercise has become my daily routine, and my to-do on every Sunday is to plan types of workouts for the entire week.

I find great benefits of regular exercise. It gives me the time for myself and releases the stress from my job. I also find it helps keep my thinking clearer when I am dealing with complex projects. But most importantly, my active lifestyle somewhat influences my daughter who is now very active as well. She goes to ninja warrior training three times a week. She also started to follow a much healthier diet than before. (That is correct, she said NO to burgers, candies, and pops). I still remembered the answer she gave me when I asked her what defines beauty. She said “Mom, strong is beautiful.”

Whenever the ninja girl is at her training gym, mama will be in the gym rowing, cycling, weight training, or kickboxing. I always tell people “Life is short…exercise while you still can”!