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Early on, I learned that maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle would lead to a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. I had no idea it would lead to exploring and falling in love with a city that I now call home. 

I moved to Edmonton from a small town called Lac La Biche. When I first relocated here, I struggled and I felt more like a number not a name. I yearned for my wide-open spaces & friendly faces. I quickly realized that exercising in the River Valley would be the key to discovering (and eventually lusting after) the city.

It all began with the charming and ever-so-popular Glenora stairs. Countless times I remember running up and down them until my lungs felt like they could no longer survive. All to be capped off with an incredible cotton candy sunset that (surprisingly) made all of that exertion totally worth it. Fast forward a few months and there I was, purchasing a bicycle. I didn’t know it then, but this would be the ticket to exploring a world I never knew - The River Valley Trail system. With its intricate bridges, relaxing picnic rest stops and endless paved trails, the biking opportunities were incredible. With the Summer coming to a close, I felt sad knowing I would have to eventually part with the activities that I loved so dearly.

As the weather has begun to get colder, I discovered local indoor fitness classes, which included Champs Boxing Studio, Metta Hot Yoga, YegCycle, Cyclebar, F45 and Orange Theory. I pride myself in having participated in almost every group fitness class this city has to offer. The communities created by these local fitness studios are addictive and they accept you like family which is what I really needed. Before I knew it, I was having lunch with Christine from Pilates and enjoying coffee with Dan from F45. I had found my people!

Years later I moved to San Jose California to complete my chiropractic degree. After graduation, I had to decide on my future. Did I want to stay in the United States and start a practice or did I want to move back to Edmonton? I chose to move back to Edmonton. What had started as obligatory physical activity blossomed into friendships, laughter and eventually buying a house and starting a business in this charming city that I now call home.