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I’ve grown up active. The constant in my physical activity from childhood to adulthood is choosing forms of physical activity that are fun. If I’m not having fun with it, it’s not going happen. Playing soccer through my youth and now recreationally, getting outdoors with the dogs whether out at the Pitbulls for Life Rescue volunteering (pre-COVID) or out on our own @ollieandpeanutpibbles, teaching spin and group fitness @macewanwellness, or lifting in my little home gym, I choose day to day what form of movement is going to make me feel best.

With a goal of inclusivity in mind, my hope is that fitness can be accessible and welcoming to everyone. There are always options for non-judgemental spaces to get moving - maybe a community at a fitness centre you love, movement outdoors, or bodyweight exercises at home.

Exercise is my “me time”, my safe space during bouts of anxiety and unrest. My recipe for success is to find your “why”, chuck a bow in your hair, and have a furry, adorable workout buddy or two by your side!