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As two former varsity basketball players, staying active outside of organized sport has become our new lifestyle. We feel very fortunate to live in a city that embraces physical activity and facilitates new hobbies. Our journey throughout the last few months has been challenging and exciting as we have had to think outside the box in order to live the active lifestyle we are used to.

Who knew that the skills we learned on the court would translate to our current circumstances. In particular, we are thankful for our ability to adapt - more importantly we are thankful for Edmonton’s attitude toward the importance of staying active. It has been a goal of ours to embrace that attitude in any way we can.

Home workouts, new hobbies and a positive mindset have been the keys to our active lifestyle recently.

Our home workouts have been powered by weights from our parents' basements and a good old yoga mat. It’s a routine that was tough to start but has been so rewarding. We are thankful for the convenient and safe alternative to a gym environment. Zoom workouts with family and friends have helped us stay socially connected while staying active. Shout out to all of the Instagram trainers out there, we couldn’t do this without you!

A favourite hobby of ours has been mountain biking - if you've ever biked in Edmonton’s river valley you already know it’s a real life paradise! Covid restrictions encouraged us to spread this hobby across all seasons and try something new with winter fat biking in the mountains. Pushing our comfort zone and trying new things has provided us with thrills and satisfaction during a time that can feel helpless.

Times are tough but staying active has allowed us to maintain a sense of control. While we may feel that our access is limited, our freedom to try new things and enjoy each other's company has fostered a positive outlook. We encourage Edmontonian’s to lean into their vulnerability by trying something new and adapting to our ever-changing circumstances - the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle is WORTH IT!