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In a nutshell, I am a lover of movement.

Being a mother of three (actually 4, our dog Lincoln has the size and personality of a human), I wear a few hats in my life each day, as a life partner, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  I love to be busy and to live life to the fullest, more now than ever.

Front and center, I have always incorporated strength, endurance, and overall wellness into my life. Being a physician and Mom, I feel it's important to be a strong and healthy role model to those around me. Pushing boundaries, while challenging my mind and physical fitness, provides a means to remain positive and supportive to those around me, including my family, my friends and my patients.

Physical fitness is a way of life and has been for me ever since I can remember. It's front and centre in my life, especially true this past year during the pandemic. More than ever, I have valued my family, my friends and the importance of health. I have doubled down on one of my core values of having a healthy lifestyle. Like others, I have become creative with workouts, modifying my routine from gym and studio workouts to at home and outside (at a distance) workouts. Being active and creative, I have been able to continue moving my fitness forward.

Since my children were small, I started teaching and showing them what a healthy lifestyle is all about. It doesn't always mean going to a gym. It can mean running in the beautiful river valley, hiking in the backcountry, golfing, mountain biking, skating on a homemade outdoor rink, downhill and cross country skiing, and so much more. My kids have learned what it means to be active and healthy - for the long run!

Fitness is a mindset. In good times and in bad, it is the backbone of a happy and prosperous life.