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My pandemic live active story is a circle of mental and physical health. The same challenges about incremental improvement and momentum that existed pre-pandemic, were only magnified during the pandemic. Do whatever you can with whatever you have. Best way to improve your mental health? Exercise. Best way to improve your physical health? Exercise.

I used to train at Forged By Fire and coach Graham used to reinforce the mentality that everyone is an Athlete. Reprogram that mental script that says you don't or you can't. Especially during the pandemic, I try to remind myself of that, even when I feel like I'm trapped in a perpetual off-season.

Here are a few tips I've found helpful to make living active more enjoyable during the pandemic.

Make it impossible to ignore. I asked a local woodworker Mike Kendrick to build a pylobox that my family and I could use for step-ups and box jumps. Mike's craftsmanship also doubles as a coffee table. Nothing breaks up the work from home routine like a few stories of steps.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good enough. Adapt to what you can or feel like doing. My wife and I enjoy winding down by playing basement badminton. Our short game is fire.

Along with our roommate, we enjoy a recreational snowball fight to burn off our study stress.

Don't have an hour? How about 7 minutes in hell? Inspired by Wolverine, I've been chasing the 2km row in 7 minutes advocated by Hugh Jackman on the Tim Ferriss Podcast.

As a south side school Trustee, I have made a point of getting to know and play on each of the playgrounds in my school area. Find the adventure animals at Hazeldean, play inclusively for all abilities at L.Y. Cairns, or dig up the dinosaurs in Pleasantview. Taking your kiddo to the park? I'll bring my kettlebell and try and bang out a few swings, snatches, or explosive exercises.

The best part about Edmonton is our river valley and the incredible time we can spend in nature just minutes from our home. We love family walks examining the new stairwells (the city did a phenomenal job with Lansdowne, Grandview, and Emily Murphy Park) and trailheads to unexplored places.

Living active is about relationships. We used to have a small congregation who gathered for "Sauna Sundays' at Peter Hemmingway pool. Sadly, that tradition has been put on hiatus. Living active can be as simple as changing out happy hour drinks for a little bit of time outside (with or without the drinks).

If I could leave everyone with one thought it's that you are never alone. There are so many other people in this small town who are looking for someone to ski with, someone to spend time with, and something to do. Edmonton can be an incredibly welcoming place if you just look online for clubs to join.

This is so much harder during the pandemic, but if you can't find what you are looking for (outdoor winter kite flying?) create it and others will join. Your local community league is always looking for great opportunities to bring people together and build community. Someone in your community is waiting for you to invite them to join you for a walk.