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When we first entered lockdown last March, I found myself growing restless at home. As an extroverted person, I found it really difficult to not be able to have the same face-to-face interactions with others as we did before.

As the weather got nicer, I laced up my running shoes and started running a few times a week. Using the Nike Run Club app, I joined running challenges with my friends. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition to stay motivated? Running allowed me to get out of the house, see other people (and doggos) from a safe distance, and clear my head. It was this past summer that I finally ran my first ever 10K! I’m excited to see how much growth in running I’ll achieve this year.

During the summer, I also started riding my bike to commute to work and elsewhere. It’s pretty satisfying to arrive somewhere as a result of your own two feet. Using our city’s wonderful bike lanes and trails, my bike took me further than I thought I could go. Never did I think that I would or could bike across the city, from Mill Woods to Clareview!

Over the winter, I’ve been making use of our city’s many outdoor rinks. They don’t call us a Winter City for nothing! This year, I made it a goal to visit as many new rinks as possible, especially since a lot of the more well-known rinks can get pretty busy. One tip that I have is to go just before sunset. That way you get to experience the rink during daylight, hopefully catch a gorgeous sunset, and experience a lit up rink at night. It has been fun discovering some real gems in the community.

My Instagram post about the magical rink at Glastonbury Park got featured by Curiocity Edmonton and Daily Hive Edmonton. But I can’t give all the secret spots away… Have you been to any of the rinks in the video? Though the seasons change, one thing’s for sure - it’s amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine can do. You don’t need a whole lot to Live Active!