Nalin and wife

An active lifestyle is so much more than going to a gym: it is everything in our day that gets us moving! We live in an amazing city where we can access an extensive network of parks, the River Valley, cross-country ski trails, and outdoor skating for free. I am excited about opportunities to increase awareness of these resources and to make them more accessible to all Edmontonians.


As a physiotherapist I have a strong understanding of the mental and physical benefits of an active lifestyle. Many of the health issues we face could be significantly improved or even resolved by regular physical activity. I could never manage regularly going to the gym, so I am grateful for the options we have to stay active in our city. Some of my favourite activities include walks with my family at Whitemud Park, cross-country skiing at Gold Bar Park, skating at Hawrelak Park, and kayaking down the North Saskatchewan River.


There is no one-way to live active, so I believe building a community where we create opportunities for people to live active in a way that fits into their lives is key.