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I've always been someone who loves to go to the gym, so when that was taken away it was really hard on me.

In the summer, it was easier. I would head out for long walks and mix in walking up a set of stairs if I saw them. I'd also run Victoria Park hill (it was so nice of the city to give us the extra space on the hill). We'd also find ways to do interval workouts using benches and other local park equipment.

One of my other favourite things is to go for a walk in the river valley and when I see a set of stairs I walk up them (just once, no repetitive sets as per the rules) to get a little pop of cardio. (just wanted to give my trainer a shoutout because he worked hard to keep us going)

I also golf at least once a week and try to walk most rounds, so that means I'm walking for about 2-4 hours. I've always said that I need an activity that gets me outside and moving.

I have also said that I need a social activity that gets me outside and moving in the winter, so this year with the pandemic it forced me to follow through with that. I was lucky enough to find some entry level cross country skis and I've gotten out a number of times now. I'm getting better, and I love that it's social. It gets me outside but I also find it to be a good workout.

On top of that, my workout buddy Angela and I get on FaceTime at least three times a week for workouts. We managed to find some 25lb dumbbells last month which was an absolute game changer. We got some tough workouts from our trainer through his app iTrack Fitness amd we also make up our own HIIT workouts. We really feel like we’re getting some tough workouts in.