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Purpose. It's my foundation. The "why" is front and centre for me and guides my passion for fitness. It's part of my life mantra.

There are three C's that embody who I am and what I do when it comes to health and wellness: community, challenge, and curiosity.

I am so grateful to find myself in communities with like-minded people who have helped me realize my potential, passion, and confidence. Running marathons, hiking expeditions, bodybuilding or braving the Rajasthani heat are great examples of places where a strong community supported me while I was learning something new (and excelling)!

To say that I made it through these challenges easily couldn't be further from the truth. We all have mental barriers when it comes to trying new (and old) things. For me, challenging that negative mindset is what it took to get me on a snowboard again after 8 years or picking up a surfboard for the first time and saying "why not". Humility and quiet confidence are values I appreciate in my partner and friends and have tried to embody those values in all that I do.

New challenges require curiosity. With a little self resilience and awareness, you can grow past mental blocks and conquer your goals. It's that simple and (trust me) that tough.