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When Covid crept into our lives we weren't sure what this meant long term for our family or our work lives. With some uncertainty we took this as an opportunity to recharge our batteries and take some quality family time.

Prior to Covid, my husband and I would finish our day of teaching and rush to coaching, sometimes multiple sessions or games in one night. Our lives were busy to the extreme. When sports were shut down and things were closing, initially we were a bit lost.

As the days moved forward we spent days and nights discovering the river valley and new trails just minutes from our door step. We were amazed with the amount of trails that, before Covid, we had no idea about. Bike rides became a new staple in our household, going a little further with each ride. As summer turned to winter, we dusted off our cross country skis which we had not used since having children. We also became regular attenders at the local outdoor rink. Winter sports allowed us to get outside as a family and stay active.

Our family was able to find multiple ways to be active regardless of the weather. The slowdown in our everyday life allowed us to appreciate the beautiful city we live in and our abilities as humans to be active in so many ways.

With our time, we also dedicated ourselves to launching our small business. Our idea of having multi sport camps was always something we had intentions of starting. Our experience of Covid and being stuck without organized sports or recreation highlighted the importance of people being able to be active on their own. Part of our program is having kids at a young age be exposed to multiple sports and activities and instill in them being active for life. We also emphasize building confidence in our athletes so they believe they can do anything! If at a young age, kids are active and enjoy being outside, moving and engaged in activity, they are more likely to continue this lifestyle as they mature into adults.