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My passion for multimodal commuting was a huge factor in keeping active, both passively and actively. What is multimodal transportation? It simply refers to the way people travel by multiple means of transportation, which can include biking, driving, taking transit, walking, and everything in between. Not only does it provide numerous options to get to a destination, but it provides more choices to residents. On days where my schedule is lax and the weather is nice, I'll opt for walking or biking to maximize my movement and activity.

I'm a firm believer that every movement and every step counts towards keeping your body active, especially as we lived through two years being more stationary in our homes. I definitely felt the effects of working from home and socializing less, and so when I got to run errands, I tried to prioritize any other kind of commuting than driving. Even taking transit meant that I was able to increase my step count, because public transit generally won't drop you off right in front of your home or destination. I also felt that when I was able to leave the car in my parkade that I would feel a lot less stress, and maintaining mental health has become an even higher priority during these times.

My other main activity that came from getting through the pandemic was more outdoor walking and exploring the wonderful parkland in central Alberta. We have family members that are more vulnerable to getting sick, and we sought out many outdoor activities that allowed us to socialize in the safest ways possible. We grew to enjoy the quiet strolls along boardwalks and river valley trails. Even when many people are returning to indoor activities, we still stick to remaining outside and finding joy in simple things like the crunch of snow beneath our boots and feeling grateful to walk next to a healthy family member.