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The only way is up!

Fitness and being active have always been a way of life for me. Whether it’s being active with my two dogs, Koa and Cali, hiking on the trails in and around Edmonton, taking a fitness class or working out in my home gym, I am never sitting still.

I am always looking for new ways to challenge or push myself.  A couple years ago I got involved in competitive stair racing and literally raced my way to the top. Yes, there is such a sport however its much bigger in the US and Europe. I have been fortunate to have climbed the ranks to an Elite level and have raced the tallest buildings in North America including Willis Tower, One World Trade Center and the Empire State building run up.  In each race I have placed in the top 5. I have received amazing support from local Edmontonians in my crazy endeavors. 

When I started this sport, I despised running but I absolutely love racing up buildings. Because I am always looking for ways to challenge myself, I decided to try a half marathon. I gambled and entered the draw to participate in Seawheeze and was drawn to participate. I ran better than I expected, running just over an hour and half. I still don’t run on a regular basis but I enter 1 half marathon a year and at least a 10km because I love the challenge and it gives me something to work toward.

Due to COVID, all my race travel plans have been cancelled along with my buildings that I train in. That hasn’t stopped me. I signed up already for a half marathon which I am racing in February, another virtual running race in April and I’m currently participating in a virtual stair climb. It’s a good way to still support different causes and gives me something to work toward. No way am I going to let his pandemic stop me from fueling my competitive nature. I may not be racing against others, but I think I am my own worst competition.

I recently bought a spin bike and have been loving the variety of the online spin classes. Having my home gym has given me no excuses to not workout during these unprecedented times. I always find that ending my day with a great sweat session is the best form of stress release. 

With all this mild weather, I have also taken to a lot more winter activities like hiking and snowshoeing. There are some amazing trails right in our own backyard. 

People often think they can’t do something or are too unfit to participate in a certain activity. My best advice (plus it was advice I was given when I began stair racing): you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.