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I have been playing sports at a high-level for most of my life – I grew up playing hockey, baseball, fastball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, rugby, and Ukrainian dance, so being active is just a large part of who I am and what I like to do for fun!

Since I had to maintain my fitness and strength by lifting weights throughout my competitive sport career, I have always enjoyed strength training, so I continue to make time to work out at home nearly every morning. It’s amazing what you can do with a couple dumb bells or even just body weight exercises! You can find many ideas for home workouts online or sign up for virtual classes from a local gym or studio.

As I transitioned out of team sports and, specifically, after retiring from baseball in 2016, I found new opportunities to be active that I previously did not have time for due to my competitive baseball schedule. In the winters, I enjoy going skating or playing shinny, going downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing. In the summers, I love trail running, hiking, biking, and stand-up paddling. I also enjoy walking my dog, Zoe, all year round in our neighbourhood or on the city’s many off-leash trails!

Moving my body is so important for my self-care and coping with stress. Especially with being a new mom to a 4 month old baby, I try to make sure I do something active every day! Working out postpartum and with a little baby at home is not easy – I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist at Pine Health Integrated to ensure I could safely work out and I either work out during one of our baby’s naps or I set him up in a little play space near where I am so that I can get my workouts in! Fresh air is amazing for both my baby’s and my own mood, so we love to bundle up and take our dog for a walk in the afternoon sunshine, as well. Being active and enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to stop once you have kids. In fact, outdoor activities can become even MORE fun with your side-kicks in tow. As a new mom passionate for active, outdoor living with my baby, I’m proud to be an ambassador with @kidswhoexplore – an Alberta founded organization – to share tips and encourage other families to get outside together!