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In my role as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I get the opportunity to see how increasing daily Physical Activity improves the health of all the people I work with.  Most of the time we struggle to get a daily “workout”, but medium-paced movement in 10 minute increments or longer has been shown to increase overall health.  I have watched people with high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and anxiety dramatically change their health condition for the better simply by walking more regularly.

Tye and sons


Planning to be active is usually a choice, but it can be supported by living in walkable communities, choosing to take the stairs or parking a few stalls further away from your destination.  Our family chose to live where we are able to walk our kids to school, get out into the river valley easily and have made close friends in our neighbourhood where we can walk to each others’ houses.


I believe the old saying, “use it or lose it” – so we try to stay as active as we can in our household.