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What Does Next Generation LTAD Look Like?


Kaizen, the principle of continuous improvement, is a key factor of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). This webinar, presented by Sport for Life’s Dr. Colin Higgs and Dr. Paul Jurbala, provides a preview the next generation of LTAD: LTAD 3.0. Results from the Progress Tracker survey of national sport organizations, the latest research and over 10 years of Canadian and international implementation of LTAD all inform version 3.0 the next generation of LTAD. To view the presentation, enter anything in the registration fields.

Young Peoples Quality Indicators


Sport New Zealand encourages all organisations involved in sport and physical activity for young people to explore what quality means to them. Their work can be used as a starting point for a facilitated conversation with young people, sports organisations, local authorities and schools – in fact any person or organisation likely to impact on the sport and physical activity experiences of young people. Download Sport New Zealand's "indicators of quality sport and physical activity for young people" here.

A New Tool for Canadian Teachers & Coaches


The True Sport Foundation and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, in cooperation with School Sport Canada, have published a new resource for educating students at the secondary (high school) level. The resource, titled Make the Call, includes an e-learning module and classroom tools which address supplements, substances and drugs frequently encountered in the sport experience, as well as values-based and principle-driven decision-making to navigate those difficult situations. The resource was developed for students in Grades 10 to 12 (athletes in LTAD Stage 5: Training to Compete) and their teachers/coaches.

Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program


This City of Edmonton grant program supports partnerships that enhance public use facilities. Funding is available for up to 33 percent of eligible expenses for the overall project and up to 50 percent of the planning costs to the end of concept phase. The eleven approved awards in 2017 total almost $7.3 million including grants to six Edmonton sport organizations.

Volunteer Screening in Alberta


Developed with the input of nonprofit voluntary sector stakeholders and police agencies, Alberta Culture and Tourism’s new Volunteer Screening Program will assist nonprofit organizations with a range of resources to help reinforce existing volunteer screening practices or establish robust new ones. The Volunteer Screening Program is a unique partnership funded by Alberta Culture and Tourism and administered and delivered by Volunteer Alberta. The program expands upon the existing Volunteer Police Information Check Program with a strong focus on education to support the development and enhancement of volunteer screening and management programs through online resources, learning modules, webinars and workshops. Click here for more information.

Live Active: A Collaborative Strategy for Active Living, Active Recreation, and Sport in Edmonton 2016-2026


The Live Active Strategy was developed through extensive consultations over the past 2 years including representatives from active living, active recreation, sport and multi-sector organizations, and the general public. On Tuesday November 29, Edmonton City Council approved the Strategy. The Executive Summary is available here.

Get More From Sport


Sport Nova Scotia, in partnership with Soccer Nova Scotia and Hockey Nova Scotia, has launched a new educational campaign around awareness of the benefits of multi-sport participation and the dangers of early sport specialization. Click here for the introductory video.

The Active Advantage


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