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Front Page News

Book a FREE anti-racism in sport workshop with Action For Healthy Communities (AHC)

Book a FREE anti-racism in sport workshop today for your athletes age 14 and up, coaches, and teams. In this session, participants will learn about racism and anti-racism in a sport context, and develop knowledge on how racism and anti-racism can impact people and society. The workshop is 1.5 - 2 hours long and can be held in a facility or space that best suits your group, or at our office downtown. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to: Understand personal identity and how it plays into sports, identify current events/stories of racism in sport, define the dimensions of racism, identify teams or systems that are applying anti-racism initiatives and acting to combat racism, define anti-racism, and recognize anti-racism movements.

To book a workshop, or ask any questions, you can email sarah.smith@a4hc.ca.

2023-24 Same Game Challenge Cohort 4 and 5

The Canadian Women & Sport are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women – as active participants and leaders – within and through sport.
With a focus on systemic change, we partner with governments, organizations, and leaders to challenge the status quo and to advance solutions that result in measurable change.The Same Game Challenge is for sport leaders, who are inspired to reimagine how women and girls access their sport but have been frustrated in their ability to make efficient and effective change. Ends on Thu, Nov 30, 2023 9:00 PM

Action For Healthy Communities (AHC) PASS Project

AHC's Participating in Arts, Sports, and Society (PASS) project is a 18-month initiative aimed at addressing the barriers and challenges faced by racialized newcomer youth in accessing and participating in sports activities. The project seeks to create an inclusive and equitable sports environment where all youth, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities for personal growth, social integration, and well-being.

To learn more about the scope of this work and the path ahead in addressing these barriers download the digital version of this report

An important segment of AHC's PASS Project was the PASS research compiled in collaboration with the University of Alberta. The purpose of the PASS Research was to investigate and identify the barriers contributing to low participation of racialized youth in recreation and organized sports and ultimately develop recommendations to policy-makers to lower those barriers. To better understand these barriers and practical recommendations to overcome them, download the digital version of this report.

Impact of the CIOG Budget Cuts

In 2023, the Community Investment Operating Grant (CIOG) experienced a significant reduction, dropping from $3.65 million to $0.96 million. This budget cut led to 106 organizations losing all funding and 36 organizations losing at least 50% of their support. These organizations play a crucial role in providing essential services to Edmontonians, including inclusive sports, literacy programs, and community development. As we work towards recovery and transformation, it's vital that funders collaborate with the community to sustain these vital programs through flexible operational grants. Join us in advocating for their support by sending a letter to Edmonton City Council and Mayor via the form on this page. Your voice matters in preserving these essential services. For inquiries, contact Rhianna@ecvo.ca.

Danielle Peers of Edmonton

Having a transformative impact on and off the basketball court, as a decorated para athlete, coach, activist, and artist, they changed the conversation surrounding queer people and people living with disabilities in Canadian sport and culture.

George Multamaki Retirement
On behalf of the Edmonton Sport Council's (ESC) Board of Directors, I wish to announce the retirement of our Project Director, George Multamaki, effective August 31, 2023. As the ESC's Project Director for the last 22 years, George was responsible for ESC's databases, communication efforts and website in support of Edmonton's sport and active recreation community and individuals seeking information and participation opportunities. In addition to hosting numerous educational workshops, he also supported ESC's contribution to policy development and sport strategies at municipal, provincial and national levels, including the application for, and designation, of Edmonton as one of the first True Sport communities in Canada.
- James Rosnau, Chairperson, Board of Directors, Joe Dixon, Executive Director

New Tourism & Sport Ministry
A Mandate Letter has been issued to The Honourable Joseph Schow, Minister of Tourism and Sport, directing him to establish a Community Recreation Centre Infrastructure Fund that invests at least $80 million over four years in small and mid-sized projects such as indoor and outdoor hockey arenas and rinks, community pools, indoor turf centres, pickle ball courts, sports fields and courts, and other recreational facilities.

2023 Universiade Awards
Eligible applications for this program were received from 18 sport and 14 arts organizations. Ten sport organizations received a total of $40,193 while 4 arts organizations received a total of $20,000. The list of recipients and their funded projects is posted here.

New Executive Director
The Edmonton Sport Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Dixon as the organization's new Executive Director. Joe brings over 20 years of leadership experience in strategic planning, governance, risk management, and financial management. Joe also carries certificates in professional management and event management along with a MBA in Executive Management. We are excited to introduce and welcome Joe to the Edmonton sport and active recreation sector.
"I am very proud and honoured to be part of this great organization as leaders in sport and recreation engagement in Edmonton for the past 25 years," said Joe Dixon. "I look forward to building strategic partnerships and providing recommendations to support the organization continuing to build on its legacy which has already contributed so much to the community."
James Rosnau, Chairperson, Board of Directors

Community Investment Operating Grant

The City of Edmonton Community Investment Operating Grant (CIOG) provides operating assistance to Edmonton's non-profit organizations, including recreation/amateur sport, working towards the following outcomes: increasing social inclusion and increasing equitable access to participation. The 2023 CIOG program awarded $479,499 to 70 Edmonton non-profit sport and recreation organizations.

EDI Practitioner Tip Sheet: Avoiding EDI Policy Mistakes in Sport 

Many existing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) policies reinforce and justify (often unintentionally) exclusion and inequity. Check out this EDI Tip Sheet and more resources here.

Alberta Non-profit Learning Centre

The Alberta non-profit learning centre provides resources on important concepts in governance of non-profits to support their role in the delivery of their programs and services in their communities.

These learning resources are intended to:

  • empower non-profits, their board members and volunteers through training
  • provide educational and training support in governance of non-profits
  • make it easier to find and access various types of resources that meet the specific needs of individual learners

Engaging Under-Represented Populations

It's important that sport and recreation organisations reflect the diversity of the communities in which they operate, and have practices in place to help them achieve their inclusion goals. The Sport Council website has several new pages with information and resources to support organizations in engaging under-represented populations including Edmontonians with disabilitiesgirls and womennewcomers, and indigenous and LGBTQI2S+ Edmontonians.

Links to the KidSport Calgary and KidSport Edmonton Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Discussion Series video recordings and resources can be found here.

Our strategic planning resource page will also assist you in integrating your engagement with these populations within your overall operating plan.

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