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Ward sipiwiyiniwak
Pronunciation: SEE-PEE-WIN-EE-WOK

Councillor Sarah Hamilton [website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

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  • Councillor Hamilton did not provide a response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:

Fund Lewis Farms Recreation Centre

West Edmonton has the lowest amount of recreation opportunities in the city, and it’s impacting our recreation centres in other parts of the city. Finding a sustainable funding source so we can enhance the lives of residents is a key priority for me.

Spend more time in our backyard

I supported the creation of the Big Island Provincial Park, and worked to enhance our existing parks and trail system. If re-elected, I’m looking to further this work -- broadening the funding for local amenity enhancements, like dog parks, and letting communities take the lead on building up their neighbourhoods.

Stable financing model for core services

The annual fluctuations of the city budget lead to instability for core municipal services like transit, fire, and parks and roads. Staying in line with council’s commitment to priority-based budgeting and the stable funding models of utilities and policing, I want to give other key services the same stability, so we can better plan service delivery over the four-year budget cycle.