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Ward papastew
Pronunciation: PAH-PAH-STAY-OH

Councillor Michael Janz [website, Facebook, Twitter]

  • Councillor Janz's response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:
    • Strengthen community connections by supporting Community Leagues, non-profits, local dog parks, supporting playgrounds, and neighbour-powered local democratic and community-led initiatives to improve our city.
    • COVID-19 has taught us that now more than ever we must invest boldly in our collective well-being that makes Edmonton a great place to live for all ages, wages, and stages: in transit, libraries, parks and recreation, and support for seniors and families.
      • Strengthen public services and resist attempts at cutting services or privatization
      • Strengthen community engagement in the planning and development process to achieve better infill for better communities
      • Ensure City Plan is implemented with an equity lens and we pace change appropriately to make the plan a reality for all Edmontonians. For example, we can build 15-minute communities while at the same time ensuring that new developments respect the local context, prioritize meaningful and proactive engagement to address the concerns of the surrounding community.
    • As a city, we must meet the challenge of the climate crisis by committing to the accelerated actions for climate change.

      • By using smarter urban planning, we can create complete more vibrant local communities where activities are closer to home. We can both save money and the planet by expanding opportunities to move so that half of our daily trips are by transit, walking, and cycling.
      • We must move forward with the small and incremental improvements that dramatically increase community connection and livability, local parks and recreation opportunities (such as the Rollie Miles project or the High Level Line)