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Ward Nakota Isga
Pronunciation: NA-KOH-TAH EE-SKA

Councillor Andrew Knack [websiteFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter]

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  • Councillor Knack's response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:
    •  I will commit to ensuring that we implement the City Plan and support the 15-minute city concept by creating the necessary regulatory environment and future strategic investments. 

    • I will commit to ensuring community leagues have greater ability to make decisions about how to better use their space by embedding this flexibility in the tripartite agreement with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

    • To move forward with essential infrastructure projects such as the Lewis Farms Recreation Centre and Library, we will need to work with partners. In February 2021, I put forward a motion asking our City Administration to engage non-profit partners to determine if there would be any interest in working together to build and operate this facility.