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Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi
Pronunciation: E-pee-ko-ka-nee piu-tsi-ya

Councillor Jennifer Rice [website, Facebook, Instagram]

  • Councillor Rice did not provide a response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:
    • Caring for our green spaces and improving community appearance.  Our green spaces need to be protected, maintained, and kept clean.  Cutting the grass on city-owned land needs to be done better.  More garbage cans and park benches will be welcome additions, along with supporting our community gardens.

    • Ensuring access to recreational facilities and setting our community leagues up for success.  Each neighbourhood should have reasonable access to a recreation centre or other recreation facilities.  And let's not forget about playgrounds or spray parks - families with small children will benefit from these too.  Offering basic support for our community leagues makes good sense to provide things like ice rinks and basketball courts and neighbourhood activities and events.