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Ward Anirniq
Pronunciation: A nirk nik

Councillor Erin Rutherford  [websiteFacebookLinkedInTwitter]

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  • Councillor Rutherford did not provide a response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:
    • Support more community-led endeavours, be they projects, groups or organizations.
    • Make it easier and more affordable to improve community buildings and amenities through targeted granting and streamlined processes, especially where matching funds are available from other orders of government.
    • Encourage active modes of transportation - walking, cycling, etc.
    • Use universal design principles for City facilities, parks and services.
    • Follow through on the City Plan.
    • Support Child Friendly City.
    • Keep up our parks and recreation areas.
    • Preserve our river valley.
    • Provide accessible and equitable services and spaces.