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Ward O-day’min
Pronunciation: Oh-DAY-min

Councillor Anne Stevenson [website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter]

  • Councillor Stevenson did not provide a response to the Edmonton Sport Council's questions.
  • Key website statements:
    • It’s easy to imagine what we want our ward to be in the future - connected, vibrant, livable. But it will take a lot of strategic and thoughtful decision-making to get us there. To build an even better community and realize the incredible potential of our ward, Anne will:

      • Take data-driven decisions informed by effective community consultation

      • Break down budget silos to find systems savings and consider full lifecycle costs of infrastructure

      • Champion changes that support the 15 minute city

    • None of us can thrive if all of us can’t thrive. Anne is committed to creating an equitable city where we all have access to the services, supports, and amenities we need as individuals and as a community. To achieve a truly inclusive ward, Anne will:

      • Invest in public spaces where we can connect with each other and with nature

      • Promote community wellness to improve neighbourhood safety