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The Alberta’s Charitable Fund-raising Act and Regulations exist to ensure the public has sufficient information to make informed decisions and to protect potential donors from false and misleading requests for donations.

Alberta legislation requires organizations to be registered if:

  • they intend to raise more than $25,000 in gross contributions in their financial year from solicitations to individuals in Alberta

  • they will use the services of a fund-raising business
  • they have raised more than $25,000 without intending to (in this case, they have 45 days after your contributions reach $25,000 to apply for registration).

Some organizations believe that if they are registered under another piece of legislation that they do not have to register under the Charitable Fund-raising Act. This is not true. The requirement to register in Alberta applies to societies that are registered under the Societies Act, businesses including corporations and sole proprietorships, as well as charities that have registered with Canada Revenue Agency.

Organizations do not have to register as a charitable organization in Alberta if:

  • they only ask their members and immediate families for contributions

  • they ask for goods (e.g. office furniture) or services that will be used for administration within the organization or for other non-charitable purposes

  • they raise funds through an event that is authorized by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (e.g. a raffle, pull tickets, a bingo, or casino).

For copies of the act and the regulation, see Legislation - Charities and Fundraisers, while the registration form is found here.