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Play great: physical literacy and you, greater Edmonton area team

PLAY GREAT provides an avenue for interested partners to work together to advance physical literacy through:

  • identifying, creating when necessary and sharing great resources,
  • advancing appropriate training of front line staff,
  • promoting, implementing and evaluating programs, services, amenities, and
  • advancing policy as it relates to physical literacy.

Everyone is welcome to join us at future meetings as we further explore social-emotional learning through physical literacy. If you're new to Physical Literacy, great resources are found at:

  1. PlaySport
  2. Physical Literacy Learning Lab (Assess Me, Show Me, Teach Me and Activate Me resource collections)
  3. ParticipACTION physical literacy communication tools
  4. Sport Australia physical literacy website
  5. PLAY GREAT identified Physical Literacy resources
  6. Packaged sport programs
  7. Alberta professional development opportunities

Please contact us to recommend a resource, if you wish to inquire about PLAY GREAT, and/or if you wish to replicate this initiative in another municipality.

If you're looking for physical literacy resources on the go, consider the KidActive app. Built for the mobile phone or tablet, it can also be used on any computer. It includes 50+ fun, quick and easy activities designed by physical literacy experts to develop fundamental movement skills.