The fine print on most sports accident Insurance policies state that any losses, costs, expenses or treatments must be incurred within 52 weeks of the date of the accident. Unfortunately the treatment of some injuries can take years. Specifically for dental (orthodontics) work, often it can’t be completed until a child’s mouth has fully developed.

Parents whose children are involved in school and/or community activities should consider Student Accident Insurance as offered through the Edmonton Public and Catholic School Boards. More information is available by visiting IAP Kids Plus Accident Insurance.

IAP Kids Plus Accident Insurance


For a relatively low annual premium children and youth who enjoy physical activities can be protected all day every day (while most sport accident insurance policies limit their coverage to competition, practices and travel). For dental treatment, these plans provide payment for up to seven years or until age 26 if required for the complete development of the mouth. What’s more, parents and other immediate family members under age nineteen can also be protected. These insurance plans supplement other insurance and can include Emergency Out-Of-Province/Country travel.

Organizations which are seeking insurance should contact their respective provincial sport organization and/or the broker of their choice for information regarding insurance.