In preparation for the 2019 Annual General Meeting, the Edmonton Sport Council's Nominations Committee is seeking "Expressions of Interest" from individuals who are interested in serving as a volunteer Director of the Edmonton Sport Council.

Interested parties are encouraged to review the Bylaws.

Vision: Edmontonians living active for life.

Mission: The Society advances active living, active recreation and sport for all Edmontonians by collaborating with partners in a coordinated system.


Strategic Goal 1: The Society will be a key partner in the leadership and implementation of the Live Active Strategy.

Strategic Goal 2: The Society will have a current and comprehensive governance structure.

Strategic Goal 3: The Society will be a recognized voice for the importance of active living, active recreation and sport.

Strategic Goal 4: The Society will provide ongoing information, resources and consultation to active living, active recreation and sport organizations in Edmonton.

Director Responsibilities:

Directors, individually and collectively as the Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for the operation and affairs of the Edmonton Sport Council. As such they are responsible to the membership and our primary funder, the City of Edmonton. As such, Directors are expected to be fully informed on ESC matters and to participate in the deliberation and decisions in governance matters.

As a Director of the Edmonton Sport Council, your role is not to serve the interests of your organization or sector, but of the broad sport, active recreation and active living communities in Edmonton.

It is desired that the Board of Directors represents a broad spectrum of interests and Stakeholders and that they will be elected based on their participation and involvement in sport, active recreation and active living in Edmonton, and most importantly their support of the mandate of the Edmonton Sport Council. Given this, those seeking to be Directors of the Edmonton Sport Council should have relevant leadership within one of the sport, active recreation and/or active living sectors. They should be individuals who are committed to attending all or most of the Board’s meetings and actively participate, and to be willing to represent the Edmonton Sport Council on ad hoc and standing committees whether they are internal or external in nature.

Director Requirements:

  • Must have, or be willing to purchase, an ESC Individual Membership ($15)
  • Normally reside in Edmonton
  • Have a significant interest in the development of sport, active recreation or active living in Edmonton.

Ideal candidate(s) will:

  • Be a respected (distinguished) Edmontonian (community leader) who maintains a positive public profile, while supporting and advocating the mission, values and objectives of the ESC.
  • Be a person available to the ESC for: consultation, assistance, attendance at pre-established events, other roles as mutually agreed upon.
  • Advance the goals and sphere of influence of the ESC, represent and serve the membership in all its activities to  advance sport, active recreation and active living in Edmonton. 

Decision Making:

It is important that Board Members have the ability to listen and consider differing viewpoints as they work toward consensus decisions.  Every effort will be made to reach a consensus (a decision all can live with) when making decisions.  Should there be an impasse on any significant issues a vote will be taken and whatever decision is made will be final and unanimously supported.

Code of Ethics and Conduct:

All ESC Board Members shall sign, recognize and follow the Board Member Code of Ethics and Conduct as set out by the Edmonton Sport Council.

Code of Conduct:

  • Members have an obligation not only to abide by the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures of the Sport Council, but also to act in a manner that evidences their commitment to the principles and intent of the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.
  • All members should expect to be treated equitably and fairly in all matters.  Members shall not discriminate against other members by means of different, unequal or inconsistent treatment applied to individuals or segments of the members.
  • Private interests shall not provide the potential for or the appearance of an opportunity for benefit, wrongdoing or unethical conduct.  It is important to emphasize that conflict of interest relates to the potential for wrongdoing as well as to actual or intended wrongdoing.
  • Information or data entrusted to members for use in their capacity or positions shall not be disclosed or disseminated in a manner that may cause embarrassment to the Sport Council, or that betrays a trust or confidence.
  • Members shall at all times exhibit deportment that maintains the Sport Council’s reputation, and shall at no time harm or hinder the Sport Council or its ability to represent its membership.
  • No member shall harass another member by actions that include, but are not limited to, unwelcome remarks, invitations, requests, gestures or physical contact that, interfering with or creating an intimidating situation for that other member.  Harassment will be considered any such inappropriate behaviour, be it ethnic, religious or sexual in nature.
  • The interaction or involvement of members under the jurisdiction of the Sport Council shall not result in threats, intimidation or inflicted physical distress between such members, whether implied or explicit.

Conflict of Interest:

  • A Director of the Sport Council shall not permit their own interest to conflict in any way with their fiduciary responsibilities to the Sport Council.
  • A Director of the Sport Council shall not benefit directly or indirectly from any transaction with the Sport Council, unless it is to the clear advantage of the Sport Council as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • A Director of the Sport Council shall declare a conflict of interest and abstain from voting on any discussion matter relating specifically to their involvement with another sport organization, private business interest or outside non-profit organization.
  • A volunteer Director of the Sport Council shall not receive compensation for their services, except for compensation for out of pocket expenses incurred in the performance of their duties on behalf of the Sport Council.

Term of Office:

Term of office, unless terminated early, is normally two years. Directors may be re-elected for two successive terms for a total of six (6) consecutive years of service.

Board Meetings:

Board meetings are currently scheduled in 2019 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. on Monday May 13th, June 17th, September 16th, October 28th, December 2nd (5 – 8 pm dinner meeting), and in 2020: Jan 13th, Feb 24th, March 30th, April 27th (AGM 7pm), May 11th, and June 22nd.

Application Process:

Individuals interested in putting their name forward as a candidate are requested to prepare a one page letter of interest and resume, and then visit

Requests for additional information and inquiries should be directed to the Executive Director, Gary Shelton, at 780-497-7678 or emailed to:

Timelines/Process (Proposed):

  1. “Expression of Interest” submitted to the Nomination Committee by Wednesday March 13th 2019 at 3:00 p.m..
  2. Meetings with candidate conducted between March 18th and 22nd.
  3. Motion of recommended candidates approved by the Board of Directors on Monday April 1st, 2019.
  4. Circulation to the membership notice of the AGM and the recommended slate by April 8th 2019.
  5. Presentation of the recommended slate at the Annual General Meeting on Monday April 29th 2019.

While we appreciate all expressions of interest, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.